Facts about he real hiroshima bomb
• Some people were blinded by the bomb. And the strangest thing is that the bomb has corrected some people’s vision. They no longer needed glasses
• Charles Peligrino. Who wrote ”to hell and back”. When he was interviewing the survivors. He realized that all of them are connected somehow. Like the series lost.
• The bomb was really hot. It was able to create the same temperature. As the center of the sun. the survivors has described the heat as if a man whose made of fire has walked through you.


 Sadness turned into joy

• Most of the time creativity comes from pain. Picasso was in pain, but he visualized his pain into pieces of art that blew everyone’s mind. As for us here in Collage, one of the saddest events is Heroshima bomb. And we’re commited to show you that any sadness can be turned into joy.
 The change
• When you see the life of the dead people. Some would think that it has gone to waist. That many children’s lives has gone to waist. But every life matter. And every death has contributed in the arising of japan. Those souls has helped the nation to be stronger. And a force to recognize.